Oje is a very good dancer and very funny. People ever wonder why they're rarely sad and always happy. Oje's get jealous easily but will never show it. Oje's have lots of good ideas and plans but usually don't act on them. Oje is usually a last minute person and also good in sports.
He lives his life like an Oje
by Jagaban December 21, 2016
OJ typically means ‘On Job’. It is usually used to describe gang members who have a good work rate on road.
Person 1: ... mashes work
Person 2: Yeah he’s OJ
by Lpac December 23, 2019
The opposite of JOing. The feeling of regret that sometimes comes after jack/jerking off. Often followed by rash actions of desperation, for example murdering your ex-wife or singing R&B songs from the 70’s.
Dude 1, “What’s the matter buddy?”

Dude 2, “I just JOed, now I’m totally OJing.”

Dude 1, “Want to sing Love Train?”

by martinslips June 13, 2016
We all know he did it.
O.J. Simpson. We know you really killed your wife. None of that 'glove can't fit' bullshit.
by rock fan. February 19, 2003
A little known word meaning a crazy nymphomaniac from scotland
Ohhhh she is such an OJ
by wee pixi chick July 3, 2006