Informal greeting.Can also be used to gain someones attention.
Probably from Latin.
Not invented by Owen.
Random stranger - Oi oi!

Linzi- Don't talk to me,I'll poke you in the eye,make me a panini
by JendidNOTwritethis July 1, 2010
Anime saying that girls (and boys) fall for because of the whole 2d men are superior thing. Ex.Levi and Bakugou
Oi oi oi Ue ni agareba kankei nee (Bakugou Katsuki)
Oi oi oi mate mate ( Levi fuckin Ackerman)
by Justapersonthatwatchesanime January 28, 2021
A school full of rich white kids who all have the latest iphone and who go to their second house in Tahoe every winter. Also, they have been known to vape in the bathroom and light trash cans on fire.
Guy 1: Why is that kid actually wearing Supreme?
Guy 2: He's from OIS.
by ...PSEUDONYM. February 21, 2018
The “On-It” guy. This person is reliable but easy-going. The kind of person that says I’m on it and is overtly enthusiastic to get a thing done. This person has already thought about completing a task before you can even delegate it. “The OI” is always looking out for the group. We always trust the OI. It is a term on of endearment.

Phonetically spoken it will sound as “Oh-EYE”
Example 1:
“OH NO! I forgot to send yesterday’s TPS reports.”

“Don’t sweat it! I know The OI guy”

Example 2: (While in the middle of a great battle)
“We have enemies approaching from the left and the right but we have no more missiles. We’re gonna have to get creative”



“Trust me. I’m The OI” (Smiles. Doors close, never to be seen again”

Example 3: (When complaining to a friend)
“Yo! This bitch is stealing my personality. She’s pretending to like all the things I like, she is making claim to my favourite clothes, colours and animals. I think she wants my boyfriend. I have no idea how to call her out on any of this”

Psssh, on it”

“Wow! 🤩 You’re The OI
by Bo Bourban January 6, 2020
A form of working class or street punk rock music that originated in the East End of London and was initially associated with British football hooligans.
After school, Geoff and the gang liked to unwind by listening to Oi! music by The Business and The Gonads.
by Sandra Lane September 23, 2003