a)this is a person's name lives in US
everyone lives in korea hates him terribly
b)this is used in terrible case such as the word''fuck''
c)a word to trick or cheat someone
man:you stole my documents which is my company's core!
man:and, you took my pulse and all my money when i was not in my place!
woman:yeah! i hate you very much, and i will kill all of your familly and you!
man:Fuck you!,you are ohno!
by Detail_Lure September 04, 2003
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The expression, gesture or sound of someone's sexyness or misfortune.
Oh Noes! He is sexier than me.
Oh Noes! I am a sexy beast.
by Consta May 25, 2005
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That one moment you know something is going to be 1-awful, 2- dangerous, or 3- you're fucked. Absolutely, monumentally fucked.
Let's say that there is a massive outbreak of a particular virus in 2020.
Random guy: ohno
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by Anony-mouse in a house July 16, 2020
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