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the sounds i make when someone is talking crap and i need to acknowledge it somehow
Your body burns more calories eating celery than what’s in the celery itself.

og og.
by Farming January 19, 2009
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A phrase used to say, I dont care, or whatever.
Originated From a Long Island high school, where students found the term written on the desk, and gave it a meaning.
Guy 1:" I Did a backflip out of a tree once and---"
Guy 2:"Agreed, just shut up."
by Bruhdurrr February 09, 2010
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The first OG refers to "original gangsta" and the second OG refers to the Olive Garden. Together, it stands for the Olive Garden in your hometown that you and ya bois used to mainline back in the day.
Friend 1: Yo you finna hit up the OG tonight fam?
Friend 2: Word, the OG in Princeton or the OG OG?
Friend 1: Bruh, you playin'? Ain't nobody driving to Ptown, we goin' to OG OG.
Friend 2: Ayyy.
by j0cularityatstuy January 18, 2018
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