A person employed in an office, usually in a subordinate, low-paying position.
"I got a job at Microsoft, but I'm just an office monkey there."
by x January 22, 2003
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Low paying low self esteem job involving no creativity or thought other than how to avoid the attentions of a team leader who earns a little more than 1000 pounds more than you .
remember these people are office monkeys so killing them isn't a crime their already dead inside
by dregj September 21, 2010
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B.O.M for short. An employee of a financial service firm who pushes paper ie: does cost accounting, settles accounts, etc. This employee thinks that by becoming a Chartyred Financial Analyst, they will move to a more glamorous front office position and make more money. B.O.M's are easily placated by free donuts or pizza.
Douchebag and Lion are both destined to be back office monkeys for Harvey Industries.
by freshwoman June 21, 2005
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