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A highly risky.....but frickin awesome relationship.

Often fantasized about, rarely pursued. Usually involves mind-blowing sex.

Most people have fantasized about it.
Teacher: Michelle, I'll need to see you after school about your homework
Student: OK
* After school student comes into room teacher locks door!!! (use your imagination) = Student Teacher relationship
by heypresto December 05, 2010
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Someone who browses the internet scouring social network sites for pictures of people they find attractive. They will often save their profile picture to a private file on their computer and fantasize about them.

Statistically 4/5 people are unknown victims of profile stalkers!

As for the other 1/5.... well, they are the profile stalkers.
A profile stalker often sends at least 10 friend requests a day and will prey on unsuspecting victims. They ususally have about 2000-3000 so called 'friends' on Facebook.
by heypresto December 12, 2010
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During a womens menstrual cycle, the man or women may suggest to the other they 'go off-road'.

This means to engage in anal sex in order to avoid having sex via the vagina during her period (bloody mess).

Many couples enjoy this alternative with the aid of a water-based lubricant.

If you want to be more romantic you can always ask in French would you like to "aller tout-terrain"?
Off-road season is a chance to explore another side of your sex life. Enjoyment for the man and the woman.
by heypresto December 15, 2010
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A female who fantasizes about being raped. She is aroused by bondage or the thought of having sex with a complete stranger.

These are often nothing more than bedroom fantasies although can sometimes lead to writing erotic novels or role-play in a relationship.
A rapesomniess is someone who has sexual fantasies which could be considered taboo.
by heypresto December 14, 2010
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