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Hate, Hatred.

A negative feeling of deep antipathy, misfortune, adversion, enmity or repulsion towards a person, thing, situation or phenomenon, as well as desire to avoid, to limit or to destroy that which is hated.
"Tengo solamente odio para usted. Cogeré el cadáver que apesta de su madre."

(I have only hatred for you. I will fuck your mother's stinking corpse.)
by Chris Lamb, "El Gringo" August 20, 2007

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AKA "artificial harmonics"

An electric guitar technique in which the player slightly touches the string AFTER picking a note. The fundamental sound of the note will be effectively cancelled, producing a high-pitched, chimelike harmonic squeal in any position on the fretboard.

Often used to "spice up" rock and heavy metal songs, when overused they are a great way to disguise terrible playing and/or writing.
Zakk Wylde is a fucking dipshit and horrible guitarist who covers up his shitty playing/songwriting with excessive pinch harmonics.
by Chris Lamb, "El Gringo" August 20, 2007

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