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Reaction(s) that happen both in a quite apparent fashion, simultaneously or possibly in sequence, but because of directly, or made possible by the fact that both related actions are rooted reactions of the same initial action, yet directly influence the outcome of 'one or another/each other.'
There were 8 friends who all hated each other; bill, jeff, jill, jim, john, joe, jack, jane, and stephanie.

Bill hated jeff and jill.


Jeff hated jim.
Jill hated john




John hated joe
Jim hated jack


Jeff/ \Jack
Bill< >Stephanie

Jill\ /Joe

Now imagine Bill slapping jeff and jill because he hates them, Jeff and Jill slap Jim and John because they hate them, Jim and John slap Jack and Joe because they hate them, and Jack and Joe both slap Stephanie because they hate her.

A person may use the actions of Jack and Joe as obsequently occuring incidents because both were caused by apparently the same intial action, and both are related to each other on the basis of outcome, influence, and direct influence between the initial action and the consequently related reaction.
by freedomfighters January 01, 2010
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