Obscene nerd originating from Italy, from the latin root word ob meaning ugly and scene meaning istudytomuch, and nerd coming from the word nerdea, referring to the ugly scholars of the time first coming to use in the vernacular around 570 BC
Kables threw a book at an obscene nerd and broke her glasses; Kables then started laughing at the fact the obscene nerd will never have sex.
by cool April 12, 2004
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The phrase you use for a scene girl or scene boy who wears obscene things and/or acts obscene.
"She puts the scene in obscene!"
by puts the scene in obscene February 6, 2008
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Thrash band from Sweden. Albums include, Serpent Obscene, and Devestation. Arguably, one of the best thrash bands to emerge in years. Fans are rabid followers, and generally follow Dimmu Borgir, Borknaggir, etc, as well.
Craig-" what are you listening to?"
Kevin-" Serpent Obscene"
Craig-"Never heard of them"
by Stu Bedaso March 9, 2005
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Used to describe something purely offensive or dirty (proper way to describe it).
Jenny: you look like a frog.
Matt: Stop that is obscene :(.
by neonsz November 4, 2019
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a fancier word for profanity plus if you are reading this you are have the gayuwu
i'm tired of this god damned obscenity on this god damned train
by lord Assmuncher December 16, 2019
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