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From Kaptain Mordant lore, obeeja is used to refer to anything spooky or evil. The word should be used sparingly, as uttering it can stir up evil around the speaker. When the word is mentioned, all parties within hearing distance must do the 'obeeja motion' as quickly as possible. The last person to complete this motion is then informed by everyone else that they are 'out the club.' This ritual is thought to help ward off evil that may be aroused by use of the spooky word.

The word 'obeeja' originated somewhere around El Dorado, Arkansas on a dark, stormy night. Two members of Kaptain Mordant were driving along a back road when they encountered a mysterious young man on a moped. He was black with a slight build and piercing eyes, and was cloaked in a rain poncho as he rode along in the storm. After keeping pace with them for a short distance, the young man turned his head toward the car and gave them an eerie stare while making a strange motion with his right hand. He lifted his hand from the handlebar, shook it forward and then jerked it back as the sleeve of his poncho danced about his arm. This arm movement is now refered to as 'the obeeja motion.'

The Kaptain Mordant members then sped off, never knowing what spell the young man had tried to cast on them, only that 'he was doing some sort of voodoo or obeeja or something.' The word 'obeeja' then stuck around.
by GabrielSix April 06, 2005
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