A half-assed apology which is used to get one out of a tight spot while not taking any ownership in what was said.
"I apologize if anyone may have taken my comments the wrong way. Now, the real matter at hand is...."

That's an obamapology.
by resto776 January 5, 2010
When our state department feels the necessity to make their Chinese guests feel less bad about their own record of human rights abuses by repeatedly atoning for American sins, most recently,the new Arizona immigration law. How is asking for a drivers license the

moral equivalent of China’s lack of human rights/freedoms-- population control, to include forced abortion, censorship, and arbitrary detentions?
"Personally, I believe an Obamapology is disturbing....our Administration can even indirectly put the veneer on Red Chinese rights violations, what might it have in store for us American 'commoners' should they ever have the power?"
by RB-All American May 19, 2010
What Hillary Clinton needs to do every time she opens her god damn mouth.
After Clinton mocked Barack at the debate and got booed, she owes him an Obamapology.
by Point Zero February 26, 2008