Beautiful, strong and funny... all at the same time.

Moody but mostly great.
Usage: “that looks nice, oann that looks nice too”
by Notyomojojojo June 05, 2020
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An Ann who's REALLY Irish.
That OAnn* can really put the booze away, can't she! (O'Ann*)
by mcload1 November 25, 2020
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The name of my badass fish that will take on anyone and anything that comes near HIS bowl. He also happens to be named after the Chaldean Sea god of art and science.
Dude, that fish is totally Oannes
by Solreina37 November 20, 2009
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A girl who think she is the best but actually she is a bitch, probably sometimes she have kind heart and loves pets.
She is the biggest snake/bitch ever, she must be Oann
by #helloitsme May 30, 2020
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