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(Of a Revolution)A band that plays Island Vibe/Alternative Rock, who came about in 1998, at Ohio State University. Their signed to Lava Records, and have released such albums as, Souls Aflame, The Wanderer, Any Time Now,
by Kcass May 29, 2003
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Original Aspect Ratio - playing a movie in the original way it was filmed and meant to be shown/look. Original Aspect Ratio (OAR) is a home cinema term for the aspect ratio or dimensions in which a film or visual production was produced β€” as envisioned by the people involved in the creation of the work. The aspect ratio of an image is its width divided by its height.
AMC HD always stretches its pictures, they seem to never play movies in the OAR.
by blammy May 28, 2009
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Marc Roberge (lead singer, rhythm guitar, amazing writer, co-founder)
Chris Culos (drums, co-founder)
Richard On (lead guitar)
Benj Gershman (bass)
Jerry DePizzo (saxophone, guitar)

Started out in Rockville, Maryland where Marc, Chris, Richard and Benj all went to high school together. Went to college at Ohio State University, where they teamed up with Jerry. Play in concert venues all over the country mainly on the campus scene. Live shows are one of the best around and song lyrics are always changing from city to city.

Their sound can be described as a mixture of many genres or groups including Sublime, Bob Marley, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Grateful Dead, Guster, etc... but when it comes down to it they really can only compared to one band: O.A.R. Marc writes inspiring lyrics with deep undertones that everyone can translate to their own meanings disguised by catchy riffs, great instrumental interplay, and beats that make it feel like summer all year round.
o.a.r. - Crazy Game of Poker

So I said Johnny whatcha doing tonight?
He looked at me with a face full of fright
And I said, how bout a revolution?
And he said right.
by Diamond and One June 12, 2006
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A totally sweetass band, whose music is best described as a mixture of Sublime and Dave Matthews Band. Based out of Ohio, where the temperature is never β€˜just right’.
Did you hear the new O.A.R. CD? It rocks!
by Skuzzi July 19, 2003
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Best band ever. Changing their lyrics almost every show is wha makes them so incredible.
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
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