gary: wat r we gonna do tonight ?

ana: thats for me to know n u to find out(:

gary: o boi!
by Garyana September 9, 2008
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dreaming so hard til it becomes reality
holding hands. phoning. writing. sharing families. being tipsy or drunk and still feeling safe. safe! kissing and hugging and whispering. "what i would do to make everyone disappear right now so i could undress you and sit on your lap" not a care in the world when you look into my eyes. grabbing your ass to sign off 'he's mine'. accepting your arm around me. acceptance! 'you can feel comfortable around me. comfort! warm lips. broad hips. fertlity is tickled not challenged. o boy. let me in. in. let me in.
by tribe-founding June 29, 2019
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A term used to define a pal or bro.

First seen in the lyrics of “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef
SupO boi
by Lazy69420 March 5, 2018
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A boi-o is a close friend that is down with all the memes and is kind of a hypebeast

A good way to greet them is to say,"Hoi o , boi-o."

Me: Hoi o, boi-o
Friend: "what's up my guy, I just got back from the supreme store."
Me: lit
"Wat's popping boi-o."
"Nothing much, I just copped that new supreme Tee though."
by Raspofin September 3, 2018
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An expression used for stating sarcastic unamusement. Much like sarcastically saying "oh wow" or "big whoop". Used to mimick the comical sound of getting an instant erection, or boner one would get if something actually was enjoyable or cool. Used to blow someone off sarcastically.
Noah: Hey guess what? I finally was able to get married and laid in my video game Fable II.

Colin: Oh boi-oing, who gives a shit.
by Travesty360 March 4, 2017
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Created in 2009 by Jevastus Destinus, this "word" means "a worthless pathetic whore that fucks a couple of boys everyday for a couple of bucks". Usually an attention whore. "whore" is replaceable with "slut, bitch, hoe, prostitute, and doxie".
Jevastus: How's it going?
Idiot: That's none of your business.
Jevastus: Alright then, shove a fucking white whale up your ass, you worthless fuck-a-couple-o'-boys-erryday-for-a-couple-o'-bucks whore. :-)
by Jevastus Destinus January 18, 2011
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A boi-o Is the condescending and/or patronizing way you refer to a Male or Boy when they're upto mischief, strictly to assert dominance in a passive aggressive tone.
Dweeb Teenager: "Get fucked ya cunt"
by maddog219 September 2, 2019
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