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Nyerah is a beautiful smart girl who knows what she wants. Nyerah brings joy to any crowd and always puts a smile on someone’s face. There isn’t anyone in the world like a Nyerah. If you know a Nyerah, keep her close.
I’m glad Nyerah and I are friends. She’s such a good person to be around.
by Foodlover7 May 12, 2018
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Nyerah is the most smartest, nicest, caring, funniest person I have ever met. She Loves everybody she is around and will never switch up on them. She inspires people to do better In life. She’s a bad bitch and don’t give a fuck what a bitch got to say. Don’t get on her bad side she WILL beat your ass!!
Friend: Nyerah is amazing, she has the best personality ever.
by Genesis Williams April 02, 2019
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