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A fucking stud. Fucks everyone he wants. And some he doesn't. Doesn't give a shit about anything. Recently stumbled upon a large sum of money. Fucks teachers daughters on baseball fields. Takes virginities, and doesn't give me back. Has been know to go by the GOAT at sex. Smashes on the Xbox. Goes down on girls for wicked amounts of time; because he's a giver. Once made the Dos-Equis man drink a Corona. Just the sexiest motherfucker you'll ever meet. His best bud is Zach. And once again, the sexiest mothefucker you'll ever meet.
1)Did you see Depew?

Fuck he's a stud.

2) Depew makes me so wet. Everytime he looks at me, I have to change my panties.
by Murder Kitten August 02, 2014
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