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The act of anal sex with the recipient's ass covered in Nutella; often associated with an orgiastic state.
Francesco did not want Cristiano on the national team, suspecting that Cristiano may have thought he was a woman and given him a nutty butty in the locker room.
by Swag Valance September 19, 2006
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A nutty butty is one who is so annoying and obnoxious that almost everyone dislikes them. They like to see you fail and getting hit in the ankle with a scooter would be more enjoyable then having to interact with them.
Gracie: Mr.Cooper is subbing for Ms.Allen
Makenna: Ahhh he’s such a nutty butty
Gracie: I know! He gave me detention because I breathed too loud.
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by Jasper earl June 10, 2019
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