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To advertise/endorse/support something heavily, usually to an irrational extent.

Examples being when people back something so much (style of martial arts, sports team) that they have to bring it up whenever possible and tell everybody how it's the best.
Stop being such a BJJ nutrider.

You nutriders won't accept anyone else's opinions.
by Someone else March 23, 2005
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someone who rides another person's nuts
to stalk, to idolize
Bigseph enjoys to ride on nuts
by aid March 13, 2004
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The act of one tring to impress their boss, friends, or others by acting overly excited at all times.
Just look at em, that Edmund guy is a nutrider. He is smiling because the boss just pet him!
by Theodore Wilson May 05, 2018
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n. Extremely skinny jeans. Look good, hurt bad.
Me:"Wore em' once, but they're seriously a pair o' Nut Riders!"
by BAGHEAD December 29, 2008
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