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The substance that forms in the area where your nutsack and thigh meet after you haven't showered in a while.
My nut jam smelled like buttered toast yesterday.
by DJ Jew-C August 08, 2007
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A Nut Jam is a man who is full of himself and is constantly talking about discusting things.
Hey Mary, "That dude is a Nut Jam!"
by kamm lovees youuu October 24, 2011
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A pinkish/reddish jelly-like substance that forms when a man's semen mixes with the blood from a woman's menstrual cycle after ejaculation has occurred. This substance can sometimes be seen on the stomach region after "out-of-vagina" ejaculation.

Please note: Nut jam may not form when a condom is used.
"Me and Lisa hooked up while she was on her period and I made some nut jam when I came on her stomach."
by KanYe November 01, 2008
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