A song made by the nunz (their debut song) it’s featuring Eric (frrickin awesome dude) he has a YouTube channel and you should go like his twinkle toes unboxing video on YouTube. The nunz also has a fandom name it’s called the “nunzzers” they have an official instangram @we.love.nunz please follow and Stan them they are amazing their gonna have a comeback.
Wow that song frickin awesome by the nunz ft. Eric was sooo good like wow that was sooo frrickin awesome
by TheShrutica October 24, 2018
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1.chubbs, usually a roller hockey player that breaks his/her hand. Skateboards and did i mention chubbs.

2.an excessive dipper who will go out of his way even if he is poor to get it at any cost, an addict of dip.
1.Fred: yo you broke ur hand in roller hockey, you tool, by the way get rid of the gut.
Nunz:shut up man!
Fred:omg ur such a nunz!!
by Long Johnson April 04, 2008
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