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Normally coupled with "to pull a...":

1) A generally knobish thing to do

2) Something so morally wrong as to be funny
Last night, Derek pulled a nuner; he slept with his girlfriend's sister, and when she caught him, he asked if he could borrow a condom.
by nachojohn05 August 05, 2007
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Nuners (pronounced: Nun-ners)
A dismissive used often in conjunction with a palm-first hand gesture meaning "none of your goddam fucking business!"

Etymology and semantic change: Origin - "None of your goddam fucking business!" Subsequent - "None o' yers!" Current: "Nuners!"
Person #1 *while approaching colleague's work station* : "What you doing...?"
Person #2 *presents palm*: "Nuners!"
by The JOKERCAT March 07, 2018
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