A term frequently repeated in The Beatle's advant-garde track
Revolution 9. The significance of this line baffles musicologists to this day.
"Number nine is my favorite number because The Beatles said it a lot."
by badusername99 April 28, 2010
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sheet she's a number nine,
or he looks like the ninth color
by deer killer January 20, 2009
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The King of kings, the god of gods, the Alpha of alphas, number nine is fucking goated, he may be from lorien legacies but he is an actual god, fucking funny and dope as shit, motherfucking strong by the way and the last to be killed util fucking Johnny and six met up like dick heads.
Number Nine: "Probably felt like being carried around like a chubby ass hat" directed at number five.
by Themotherfuckingalpha November 30, 2020
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Origin: From the Middle Eastern military practice of soldiers counting off and the 9th soldier in every squad becomes the fuck-buddy for the rest of the men while they're in the field. Related to bacha bazi, the Afghani practice of taking boys, dressing them up like girls, teaching them to dance and then using them as sex slaves.

In Arabic: jundi raqm tisa

American Military Usage: meant as a dark joke. If someone asks how you're doing and you respond with, "I feel like soldier number nine," it means you're having a truly fucked up day or experience.
You: "Hey Bob--how the fuck ya' doing?"
(Bob looks like something just shat him out).

Bob: "Shit, dude. I'm feeling like soldier number nine."
You: "Did you get wasted last night?"
Bob: "Don't remember. But at least I didn't wake up in a tub full of ice and missing a kidney."
You: "...or with a number nine poop chute. But you might want to brush your teeth, I think someone used your mouth as a cock-holster."
by Ho-Chi-Mint September 17, 2013
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The moniker given to New York Governor Elliot Spitzer by the Emperor's Club VIP. Now used to talk about anyone of high social standing when situtations dictate discretion.
The Cooker: "You here about this situation with Gov. Spitzer?"
Pete Dick: "You mean client number nine?"
The Cooker: "Oh yeah, my bad."
by Pete Dick March 10, 2008
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