A name granted only to those who are kings among men. Known for their stunning good looks, unparalleled intelligence, and wielding the strength of 10 men - recognizing a Numan is almost as easy as picking out Michael Moore among a tribe of starving Eithiopians.

These powerful beings are burdened with the task of using their power for good, benefiting all of human kind with what has been given so freely to them.

Yet, these magnificent beings have one weakness... an unsatisfied belief in trust. Luckily, their associate do not allow them to fall for people not trustworthy or surely destruction would rain down upon the land. Still, this want for friendship and trust often prevents the Numan from achieving his full potential - instead opting to satiate their intense social givings... inevitably pushing their task of creating a Utopia for mankind further and further into the future.

If confronted by Numan, he is easily giving and forgiving and easy to take advantage of. Often the shock of witnessing their raw image can be blinding and in extreme cases, cause unconsiousness or even death.

Can be used to describe anything fantastical or mindboggling in nature.

n. "You cant trust anyone but Numan will always be there."

adj. "It's breathtaking, startling, it's... Numan.
by Mareesa October 3, 2006
Numanic refers to a woman's irritated, impatient and at times short fused behaviour and temperament during her monthly ministerial cycle.
Mary is acting rather Numanic today.
by Baron Neville December 8, 2015
Numanic refers to a woman's irritated, impatient and at times short fused behaviour and temperament during her monthly ministerial cycle.
A woman's ministerial cycle may effect her temperament or make her irritable and short fused and in result she may act Numanic.
by Baron Neville January 28, 2016
new born babies before they evolve into full grown humans.
The delivery suite was full of screaming Numans.
by Durdensview July 28, 2009
New born baby's before they evolve into adults
the delivery suite was full of screaming Numans
by durdensviews July 28, 2009
Gary Numan is an English songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He was signed to Beggars Banquet in 1979 and released the album Replicas (which went to number one in the UK) in the same year with the band Tubeway Army. Replicas, The Pleasure Principle, Telekon, Dance and I, Assassin were all released between 1979 and 1981 and they are heralded as genre-defying new wave albums. Unfortunately, due to large debts and a desire to reconquer the charts, Numan ended up recording a series of below-par albums during the best part of the eighties and early nineties. It was not until he released the album Sacrifice in 1994 that he began to show again his lyrical prowess and capacity to innovate. The following albums, Exile, Pure, Hybrid and Jagged, as well as a newfound following among artists such as The Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson have greatly improved Numan's reputation, and given him a cult fan following throughout the UK.
The more I disregard the signs
The more I glide.
The more I walk across the lines
The more I fly.

Crazier by Gary Numan, taken from the album Hybrid.
by Cream Selector June 20, 2007
Motorist afraid of the outside world. And afraid to use other forms of travel besides a car

From Gary Numan's famous song cars where he feels safest of all.
Stop being a Gary Numan and get on the bike!
by comehudder June 26, 2018