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nukyaler: noo'-kyah-lerrrr,

def. see nukular, nukalar nu' ka' lar

proper redneck lingo for nuclear

Not to be mistaken for a fresh coat of paint, a new sunday dress or dressin' up Bondo on the ol' Rod def. 9.
Jimbo: "Now them dannged Irainians an them Koreyaneeze people up nawth have nukular bombs like us'em folk. It ain't right, Jeff. Next thing ya kno them Messacans ar gonna have one too, an then wur gonna hafta bild a bigger wall. We need ta go ta waar."

Jeffrerson: Sweet Lord, Jimbo! How many times I got ta tell ya, it ain't nukular, its nukyaler... Noo-kyah-lerrrr...! I finnished gramma-school... remember bone-head?!? ...Jesus!

nukular, science, intellegent design
by PlanetBJR December 31, 2010
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