3 definitions by Bryce R.

To be nuetral is to be a way as if neither for her or against her. To be nuetral, not to be like others, be a nuetral party.
Ex: I was nuetral compared to her. I was a nuetral idiot one day, I didn't want to be with or with not that person.
by Bryce R. April 28, 2008
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Stupid ass freak that doesn't know any better.
Dude, I saw a coldwell the other day. I totally pulled a coldwell the other day.
by Bryce R. April 29, 2008
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shoogled: Meaning one: being drugged against your will by government or cops. Meaning two: Being drugged down by whoever against your will.
I was shoogled last night. Well, atleast you weren't shoogled by a cop.
by Bryce R. April 29, 2008
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