boy 1: hey look what day it is
boy 2: oh it’s november 13th it’s national ask a girl out day
boy 1: you should go ask out suzy
by urdumbbbbb October 15, 2019
the best day of the year because it is my birthday, bitch
Omg, it’s November 13th! That’s Hailey’s birthday !!
by clownuryluv October 15, 2019
november 13 is national give out a compliment day. Wanna be a bit nicer? perfect! today’s the day!
almost forgot, today is november 13th!
hey, you look nice today!
by dixieismydog October 28, 2019
November 13 National lick your crush day... or National have a sleepover with your crush day.
Girl: umm it’s November 13

Guy: fine we can have a sleepover
by H L A November 19, 2020