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A company that makes networking tools, security products, and server enviroments (OS's). Many people only recognise Novell because they may use the Novell networking tools to sign into thier workstation at school or work.

Novell at one point had bought out the rights to the entire Unix kernel, using it to base their products; which is why their products are so secure and their servers are so stable: they have decades of testing into them.

Novell now funds the SUSE Linux distro for sale and for free use. They are also switching most of their corporate and networking products to the Linux kernel.
Fact: A midwestern university once found that they had forgotten about a Novell server that had been running for 13 years with no downtime.
by PeaTearGriffin January 11, 2006
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a set of networking tools ussaly used in a public school system. it is widley used because of its security.
the IT at our school uses NOVELL to allow us to login.
by opsboy2002 March 20, 2003
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The moron "skuzzi"s defintion says it is an operating system 'noone uses.' No, normal users don't do it, because Novell is a server OS, not an OS for users. It is made to handle network traffic and security.

Another idiot, "Cail" states that the user name "Novell" will get you in to any network...However, the truth is, "Novell" will only get him in to the network he uses @ his school. The only user name that comes preinstalled is "admin" which REQUIRES a password. The reason "Novell" is your login name is because the idiot administrator where you work/go to school has set that to be the username / password with unlimited concurrent connections. (you both are jackasses)
Damn, you shoulda read the definitions for "novell" on who don't know anything about computers/networking and have never done anything outside of the regular user realm really shouldn't try to define high end networking equipment/software.
by joey March 24, 2005
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Novell, a mix between night and lovell. Can be used to describe someone as well as something.
Person 1: "Hey, do you know Amber?"

Person 2: "Oh, you mean Amber Novell?"

Person 1: "That's a nice table.."

Person 2: "Yeah I guess, it's so.. novell.
by nikkinkinikik April 27, 2019
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Novell Netware is well known to be the most secure operating system in existence. However, no one uses it, and the only reason it’s secure is because no one has any clue on how to use it.
What is this? DOS with network support?
by Skuzzi July 19, 2003
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A worthless login networking protocol, that uses NO BRAIN power to break into. As long as you have complete access to the MDF. However, they provide, the only foreseeable victory over the evils of SCO. (ps linux is better). MAC OS X PANTER 4 EVER! Like linux, but ACTUALLY WORKS 110% OF THE TIME!
I am a mac user. I dont need no stinking NO Hvell!
by Blitz January 07, 2004
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