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On Facebook when you comment on a picture or something and come back a few hours later and have a lot of notifications
*comments on pic*

one hour later:

143 new notifications from same pic

"guys, what's with the notification rape?!"
by facebookman March 01, 2009
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to comment on on a large amount of someones myspace/facebook pictures, therefor giving them a lot of notifications/ pictures to check,pissing them off.
I will "notification-rape" him by adding pointless comments to all of his " mexico 08" pictures, which will leave him pretty fucking pissed.
by November 06, 2008
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When you get a stupid amount of notifications on Facebook over a short period of time
When Josh Gates doesn't watch his back Seth, Katarina, and Jessica will notification-rape him.
by Katarina W. August 12, 2010
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