cigarette size 100 millimeters instead of 85 millimeters long
Newport 100's are bomb
by inick2500 February 01, 2009
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the part of east oakland that goes tha most. yadadadigitmahnig!!
nigga 100's on mines!! what u know bout that good o EAST OAKLAND!
by 4ri4nn4 August 19, 2006
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The title of the 100th through 130th area of Chicago's South Side, definitively those in the 60628 Zip Code. The Wild 100's also known as the Wild Wild, is home to most of Chicago's gangs including the Black Peace Stone Nation, Four Corner Hustler Nation, Vice Lord Nation, Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Mickey Cobras, and Latin Kings.
"I wasn't out west, I was in the Wild 100's when you called me."
by Just P... August 03, 2008
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Crip Gang in Los Angeles consistin of 104 hard time hustler crip, 111 NHC, 113 NHC,and 115 NHC...
Wut up Cuz Im Rich Rollin 100's Crip from 111 N-hood.
by Crippin 111 April 10, 2009
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The 100 avenues of east oakland,ca; people from here throw up their pinkie somewhat similar to aka's
Rollin 100's where i'm at, walnutty my niggas ia all nutty - Keak da Sneak
by that dozen April 30, 2005
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100's on top that's off the top its from traxamillion
by max escobedo August 13, 2008
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