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A small bunch of flowers; a bouquet
nosegay was Word of the Day on March 9, 2001 on
i think i shall get my mother a nosegay for her birthday
by DeaStewart November 6, 2005
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It means that your nose is free of congestion and therefore gay (happy)

nose + gay (happy) = happy nose
After taking a decongestant, Tom blew his nose and all the snot came out, clearing up his nostrils and sinuses. Tom was therefore nosegay.
by Emoji Movie Was A Good Movie September 18, 2020
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When someone has their right nostril pierced to indicate that they are gay instead of the "straight" left nostril.
Look at that guy over there with his right nostril pierced - he is definitely nosegay.
by Buzz Killington II September 4, 2009
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