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The northern part of Sweden. Norrland covers almost 2/3 of Sweden and is considered the home of all hillbillies by the swedes below this land. This part of the country is very empty due to the vaste distances between people, but a few cities can be found here such as Umeå (Norrland's largest city), Luleå, Sundsvall, Kiruna and Östersund. The bonds between "norrlänningar" is strong since they have always been frowned upon by the southern swedes. Many of Swedens native people, Samer, live here whose reindeers walk practically over the place and cause a lot of people to argue whether they belong here and there or not.
Mining has been done on a lot of places here, but gold has never been found, except for the best brand of swedish beer there is, Norrlands Guld, the gold of Norrland.

Han ville väl vara sig själv för en stund...

Proverb used in Norrland
by Huskun kær January 03, 2006
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