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An extremely intelligent person who cares about equality and critiquing social institutions to reveal oppression. Someone who calls out stupid comments that belittle others and makes people think about how the words they say have an impact in society.

All humans should strive to be more Norelle, our world would be much better if they did.
"The new guy at work is very Norelle - I already feel more respected since he started here.
by zzzzizzie October 30, 2014
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An extremely annoying person who will turn into different personalities every 5 minutes. She will never be in the same mood in the same day. But she is very smart. She is an occasional friend with an always BFF side kick
"Norelle is mad now, leave her be."
By angelika
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She has experienced a lot in her life. She never wants to have kids.
She is a different kind of girl who has a punk rock band, records her own music and videos. She is not afraid to be awesome, yet work let’s her down and does not see the true potential in her.
She is always there when I need someone real. She does no judge as she has been through a lot. She will send you books to read, wise words of encouragement and laugh with you at all the silly stuff in the world.
Hey Norelle, how’s it going?
by Billy-Soo October 09, 2019
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Norelle is a kind, smart, beautiful girl and she can make you laugh with her laugh. She is also really good at getting guys, so if you need help getting a guy ask a norelle.
Guy 1- who is she?
Guy 2- that's Norelle she helped get my girlfriend

Guy 1- damn she is out of my league
by ROSE shadow1241 February 25, 2019
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