A really bad snow storm, characteristic of the Northeast.
Boy 1: Hey, South Carolina got 18 inches of snow

Boy 2: Well that's nothing compared to a Noreaster.
by bumbedmunch December 28, 2005
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the normal weather for syracuse new york..
yea.. the weather really sucks here..
by Big Robert February 15, 2005
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when you have you lovely girlfriend/wife/fuck buddy laying on the bed on her back with her head hanging off, mouth wide open, you grab her by the back and front of her neck (with each hand)and violently fuck her mouth. this position gives you a straight shot down her mouth. no bullshit that she cant take it all. the "noreaster" name comes from its founder with the last name "snow"
dude, the other night i gave my girl a noreaster and you should have heard the gagging noises she was making.
by peter parker November 2, 2004
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One of the many names that gaudy rich people give the yacht and country clubs.
Hey Chip, going to the Noreaster tonight?

No, No, Bunny and I will be at The Bird's Nest.
by ritechus February 28, 2005
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A coastal storm which forms off of the east coast of the United States. Mainly occuring around the winter months. Can produce heavy rain and/or snow. Characterized by its movement and wind direction along the coast.

Some of the largest winter storms occur from Noreasters on the east coast.
The winter storm in February of 2006 was caused by a Noreaster.
by Kmlwx December 17, 2006
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A large storm that makes real men happy and sissys mad. Mostly in New England
"dammit another fucking noreaster i gotta fucking shovelt he fucking driveway AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"ohhhh yeah no school bitch gonna ride my sled alllllllll day
by Cheese Bob January 19, 2007
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