A friendly and slightly derogatory term used to name one in a game who has little to no comprehension as to what they're supposed to do.
"Oh, there's a noob scrub! Get 'em."
by inkess January 29, 2017
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This term is straight from the video game world. More often then naught we run into the occasional "Scrub" (A bad player who has little to no common sense, but at the least knows what to do) or the "Noob" (A player who is new to the game, has no idea of what to do and is just overall shitty at the game)... However, beware the "Scrub Noob" this player not only sucks at the game but manages to make you want to quit life do to the pure stupidity of their actions. A Scrub Noob has ABSOLUTELY no common sense, and happen to defy all logic in their movements and thinking.
Experienced Player: "What is this guy doing!?" "He just keeps..he keeps on..." "God I can't even explain it!" "It makes no sense!" "This guy makes me want to quit life, what a Scrub Noob"
by aflix January 19, 2010
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a total suckage of a player or person, you can often be called this if you are performing badly or just plain suck. If some on calls you this you are automaticly lowest on the social pyramid.
dude tyler is such a scrub noob when it comes to xbox
by James hunter1 February 7, 2009
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It's usually used when you win against very toxic players in a multiplayer game, to provoke them.
player1: GG fun match!
player2: gg ez pz get rkt pu55y scrub noob!!1
player1: oh shut it.
by mlgpu55yVEVO January 2, 2021
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