On a modern bicycle, the rear gears (called a cassette) are separated from the spokes of the rear wheel by a plastic disc. The purpose is a preventative measure if the chain slips off into the wheel, the spokes are not destroyed; which keeps the rider safer from injury. However, if the limits on the derailleur are adjusted correctly, this should never be an issue. Typically, the plastic discs are removed from a newly purchased bike, else the cyclist will be considered a newbie or noob by colleagues.
Mr. Spandex: "You haven't removed your noob guard yet?"
New Biker: "Isn't it there for a purpose?"
Mr. Spandex: "It's just extra weight!"
by Philip the Water Tank December 30, 2010
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Plastic clip on joint of a Glass on Glass to prevent retards from pulling out your downstem/diffy
I got this blue noob guard so that high cunt won't crack my joint
by Sloppykid April 18, 2009
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