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Used as a non-sequitor to distract or purposefully derail a conversation. Most notably forum users or trolls will use bonjour in a sentence where it makes no sense so as to illustrate that their opinion is irrelevant and does not add value to the conversation, usually mocking another user for inputting their own opinion as fact.
User1: Hey guys, let me tell you about this awesome vacation I had!
User2: I'm glad you want to share! Tell us about all the BONJOUR you had.
by Philip the Water Tank January 25, 2011
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On a modern bicycle, the rear gears (called a cassette) are separated from the spokes of the rear wheel by a plastic disc. The purpose is a preventative measure if the chain slips off into the wheel, the spokes are not destroyed; which keeps the rider safer from injury. However, if the limits on the derailleur are adjusted correctly, this should never be an issue. Typically, the plastic discs are removed from a newly purchased bike, else the cyclist will be considered a newbie or noob by colleagues.
Mr. Spandex: "You haven't removed your noob guard yet?"
New Biker: "Isn't it there for a purpose?"
Mr. Spandex: "It's just extra weight!"
by Philip the Water Tank December 30, 2010
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With the influx in popularity of the EDM scene, and Electronic music as a whole in America, dubstep has become a 2010-2011 fad. Due to the popularity with the younger crowd, and especially college students, the term Fratstep can be used to describe the dubstep played at college parties.

Initially coined by James Smith of Hadouken!, the term is interchangeable with any popular dubstep tracks.
"It's time to hit the gym, then to the tanning place, and afterwards, we gonna freak some beezies dancing to fratstep at the club"
by Philip the Water Tank October 06, 2011
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Sexual position where the woman is lying down at waist level over a counter on her back with legs folded around the man. Optional bologna or pizza can be eaten while performing this position.
Maria: "Was it good last night?"
Bianca: "Yeah, he put me down on the kitchen counter and we did the italian taco"
by Philip the Water Tank August 11, 2010
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Rock climbing jargon for anything (particularly a rock climbing route) that requires significant flexibility and strength in the shoulders. Typically, routes that involve mantling (see the rock climbing move mantle) and stemming can be described as shouldery. In addition, any oddly positioned route that comes from under a shelf and requires torquing the body into an unusual position that rotates the shoulder in unnatural ways.
That 5.11b at Castle Rock is a shouldery route with a lot of hand-foot matches and mantle moves.
by Philip the Water Tank December 29, 2011
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