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in reference call of duty 4 multiplayer when one person sees another close and tries to knife, but fails. the person notices, tries to knife back, and they too fail. the two have officially engaged in a noob fight, until either they keep lounging at each other and one prevails or until one shoots the other or if a teammate of either assists or, if playing free for all, another player comes along and kills them both. if it's the last one, it is known as noob fight utopia
player 1- *runs up to an opposing player* shank and fail

player 2-wtf was that? *turns around* oh shit shank and fail also
by witesuprmacy August 01, 2009
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A fight IRl or in a game between two persons that are total noobs
1.OMG Everybody...Noob Fight...Noob Fight
2. Rofl, this is a total noob fight
by Endrup September 09, 2007
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When two people (usually in a video game) have a contest to see who can shoot the wall behind the other without hitting the person in front of it.
if he turns the corner, there will be a Noob Fight!

Shit, thank god there's a 40 minute time limit to this round.
by COD4pwnsn00bs!!1! November 05, 2009
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