A array of "genders" that lie somewhere between male and female, which special snowflakes, seeking to stray from the norm, choose to identify as.
Tom: Are you male or female?
Snowflake: Neither. I'm non-binary.
Tom: Well, you're a special one, aren't ya?
by somedudewithacomputer101 November 25, 2016
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A completely valid gender that has existed for all of time but you're only discovering it now because people are more open about it because they feel safer and more comfortable. They identify outside of the gender spectrum usually. Neither male or female in gender these people are into doing whatever they like with their body without having to conform to a gender. This label works as an umbrella term too. Use they/them/their pronouns for them instead of she/her or he/him. They usually want to be referred to with a different name so ask them about this and let them know you respect who they are because coming out can be a very daunting and stressful task. Appreciate what they have gone through to get here and don't be afraid to talk about this.
Jake: Did you see her face?
Anna: It's their
Jake: What?
Anna: they're non-binary. They use they/them pronouns not she/her, respect that
Jake: Oh hell, sorry
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by Feminists.rock April 18, 2018
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A way that people claim to identify as in terms of gender.
" I identify as non-binary."

" Hahaha. I identify as an Apache helicopter".
by East Yorkshire May 29, 2017
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Non-Binary is a term to describe individuals who are neither male nor female. Basically, they’re all aliens or robots and will most definitely take over the world.
“Woah, who’s that rad looking person?”

“Oh, that’s just my friend Gilgamesh the Destroyer of Realms. They’re Non-Binary, so basically they’re the superior life form.”
by BunboBucci June 30, 2020
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non-binary fits under the transgender and asexual category.
non-binary means that you are gender non-conformant (hence the word 'binary'). the most commonly used n-b pronouns r they/them, being gender non-conformant. u can still be feminine leaning or masculine leaning while being non-binary; it just means that u feel like neither, & u don't feel like a miscellaneous gender.
enby pal: "mom, i'm non-binary."
mom: "what does that mean?"
enby pal: "it means my pronouns r they/them."
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by meli lol July 25, 2020
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Internet Femi-nazis that seek to make themselves feel special by declaring they belong to neither gender.
Matt: I don't mean to be rude, but are you a boy or a girl?


Matt: Okay then...
by Cruell Devil October 27, 2017
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Jake: Oh hey look at chad over there!
Anna: He’s non-binary, use they them.
Jake: Oh, they are cute.
by ur local pansexual June 12, 2019
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