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(noun): This word is mostly relegated to northeastern Ohio where one man has become somewhat of a cult hero. Jon Somogyi, now known almost exclusively as "The Noje" has accrued a celebrity status beyond his own dreams. Known for public drunkenness, incomparable, dancing, academic misconduct, an obsession with gay male sex, and deep squats, he has become well-known. His history has been put into audio form on the album "The Story of Jon somogyi" by the aptly named "Disciples of Noje." The Noje is trilingual, speaking English, Latin, and his own language consisting of one word: ba.
1. Dude, did you see Noje down that Colonial Club bottle? That was fucking crazy!
2. Come on Noje, get it done.
3. Noje! Noje! Noje!
by Lord Worm August 18, 2003
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(verb): to be in debt to one source, borrow the necessary funds from another source to repay the initial debt, then forget why the hell one has the borrowed money, and proclaim: "Ah, fuck it. I'll just spend it on some schwagg-ass weed and smoke it from a stolen piece or a poorly rolled joint."
Note: Nojing results in being owing money to two sources.
1. Should I pay him back, or just noje him?

2. Man I am totally chiefed from this oregano-laced hippie-grass. Did I just noje someone?

3. The prince just nojed a couple of his friends, then went over to the squire's house for a pop in the seat.
by Owed December 15, 2003
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(Verb): To attempt the reenactment of ancient egyptian rituals found on internet sites. To smoke a tea bag out of a glass pipe, proclaiming that it soothes the senses. To level one's body and mind with drugs such as acid and mushrooms.
1) Wow Frank, you really nojed that white gold you got off the internet site.
2) Gee Billy, way to noje all that tea bag before letting me get a puff.
3) I really got nothing for this one
by Gluteus Maximus January 07, 2007
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did you hear about frantz? he got nojed from miami
by John Brutvan August 14, 2003
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