actor who plays will byers in stranger things. is the best young actor of our generation and deserves every award
did you see noah schnapp’s performance in stranger things?
by iluvrats May 10, 2018
a gay homosexual smol bean who plays will byers the gay in stranger things
person 1: "noah schnapp adorable! I think im in love!!"
person 2: "Ashley! You dumb fuck hes gay"
by max the dumb fuck January 6, 2023
Emma: I love Noah Schnapp he’s the best person ever
Emily: Stop obsessing
Emma: No.
by bjbjbjbjbjdk October 22, 2019
a 12 year old boy who plays will byers in stranger things. he looks way older than 12 and will marry me when he finds out i exist;))) his instagram is: noahschnapp
by everleigh soap January 7, 2017
this bubba is a adorable, sweet hearted, and amazing boy! he adores all his fans with all his heart just like his fans adore him! he support all his fan accounts, and fans! he is such a precious boy, I would protect him all costs
by noah schnapp lover ♡ October 29, 2019
Noah schnapp is a 13 year old boy who plays Will Byers in the hit netflix tv show stranger things! He secretly has a girlfriend (me) well he doesn't know about me but he is still dating me :)
by stranger.things.353 May 2, 2018