Person: Can I have soup? *Mistakenly insults the Soup Nazi

Soup Nazi: No soup for you!
by Soup Nazi July 25, 2004
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An exclamation used in the event where someone changes his or her mind about giving something to someone else.
The word "soup" may be replaced with the object at hand; the reference to the show can still be very obvious if the speaker uses the correct tone of voice.
This is the catch phrase of the soup nazi from Seinfeld.
"No soup for you!"
by keyshaw June 30, 2004
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A reference to Seinfeld. Used when denying something to someone else. Funniest when said thing being denied is an orgasm.
While S and E are having sex, and just before E has an orgasm, S pulls out, screams "No soup for YOU!" and cums on E. Classic.
by SayWhatAgain March 28, 2015
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A way to show off after you have been belittled... normally you should flex your biceps and look at your biceps as you say it.
Coach: sorry kid you're too young to play basketball with people twice your size.

Kid: (drains a half court shot) I DON'T SEE ANY SOUP DO YOU?!?!
by Jason Jampsh June 2, 2017
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