Same as no sweat, or no problem, an activity that was a piece of cake.
Don't worry man it was no slice!
by Colt satrom January 26, 2014
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Floppy tits

Tits so empty and floppy that ... you have to hold them the way you would a slice of pizza to put them in your mouth
I think I can fit both my slices in your mouth at the same time
by VeryVisionary July 14, 2023
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The new slang term to describe prety much any good thing. Most often used in place of fresh, as in freshly cut, sliced.
'Yo, d'you see his ride? Shit was sliced."
by DJFlashyFresh December 12, 2010
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A term originated from Memphis, Tennessee; meanning to jump into a pool in an intense and exaggeratted manner. There are many types and styles of slices. Originated at community pools, slicing is now common amongst teenage pool parties. Slicing is not for everyone. Non-slicers use the stairs.
Terry: Ay Alan, you ready fool? We gonna slice this pool n get the party started.
Alan: Yea watch this tho
Alan: *Slices frontflip into superman belly flop*
Terry: AYYYY
Party: *Fuckin lit*
by ROWMEMPHIS July 23, 2017
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An eighth of an ounce of marihuana. Derived from fact that a slice is an eight of a pizza.
I'm swinging slices for 50 bills.
by J$$$$ October 29, 2003
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an eigth of an ounce of hash or cannabis
lemme grab two slices and a forty of yay
by panda September 30, 2003
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