nothing much nothing much!
so what are u doin?

nm nm = nothing much nothing much!
by DC <3 December 2, 2010
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nigga moment

Used to describe situations of cancerous essence, i.e. AIDS situations

-doesn't necessarily have to be used when one or more African-American individuals are at fault for the nigga moment
"bro, my uncle buttfucked me last night and my asshole won't close up again"
"damn bro, that's such an NM"
by epicmeatbeater November 27, 2018
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A useless 2 letters which can mean one of he following two things when somebody asks whats up?

Not much.

Or the more common one of..

I cant be bothered to tell you, so no much.

It is a real conversation maker which could lead you no to the same conversation you always have.
Person A: Hi
Person B: Hi
Person A: Whats up
Person B: NM, you?
Person A: NM
Person B: Cool
by Ryan Riggs September 19, 2007
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A way to kill an unwanted conversation which usually occurs with someone you dont like!

NM=Nothing Much
Guy1: Hey Man Whats Up?

Guy2: NM

Guy1: Oh i see how it is Asshole! way to kill the convo!
by B_RAD69 May 26, 2009
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Probably the most annoying excuse of a word ever invented. Used mostly in Instant messengers and text messaging it is a way for the other person to show you that they could give a shit about what you think/do/exist etc... it stands for "nothing much" and should never be used by any man or woman. and if used tell them they are a fag and should go kill themselves.
Bob: yooo.
Fred: Eyy whats good kid?
Bob: nm.
Fred: Your such a fag man you should go kill yourself.
by I69HARD!!! November 24, 2009
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Means "No Mistakes." As in, everything happens for a reason and all events serve a purpose regardless of whether whether the event is positive or negative.
I'm sorry your boyfriend cheated on you. #nm

You randomly found $100 bill in a parking garage. #nm
by DCnCO July 6, 2016
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