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The hardest working woman in all of India. She never has a bad day because she rises above the ish every time. Family is extremely important to her and once you become her friend you will have a friend for life. Nivethas are extremely intelligent and caring and make excellent doctors. They have two flaws. First, they work so hard everyone else looks bad. Second, they never sleep... due to their first flaw.
Oh my gosh! Is Nivetha still up? It is 3am!
Yeah she is studying for an entrance exam.
But she has been waking up at 5 am for the last week!... and working 12 hours a day!
by meksemris June 26, 2015
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A girl who thinks akkans are handsome and has a crush on guys like the physics sirs and a specific guy named kevin...

Has a condition of taking other phones and harassing students with them

Can be irritated easily
The girl is a such a nivetha😑....she likes to irritate sarang a lot😕
by 😑😑 February 11, 2017
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