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The combination of two nouns: Nigger + Bitch.

An obnoxious, arrogant, potty-mouthed, and foul-mannered African female (typically, African-American). These creatures are the female equivalent of a male nigger. They have many traits that most common, decent society would regard as substandard, or even subhuman. Such characteristics may include: lack of common sense, lack of common decency; and a disregard for laws, rules, and other people (more so for whites).

Typical behavior may involve use of drugs, profanity, lots of unprotected sex (ensuring future generations of niggers and nitchers); followed by the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases (STD's), along with the decay of society, in general.

Should not be used to represent all African females, as some are well-mannered, "normal" women who make up everyday society. Others are even more fortunate, get a top-notch education, contribute to society in a good way (see: a Google search and tell me if you find something good!), or entertain us (Beyonce Knowles, Penus Williams, Oprah Winfrey...or not!).
That black bitch just stole my money and ran! Damn Nitcher!
Nitchers keep shooting out more nigglets left and right, causing the decay of society and mankind!
by Clit Horus July 01, 2010
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Any (generic) insect that bites, causing a problematic itch
Iā€™ve been bitten by a nitcher again, Ow!
by Norma G January 14, 2018
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