'tis when a woman's nipple gets real claustrophobic and sticks its head out for a deep breath, while the woman does not notice at first. This is very common with actresses. Their nipples get nervous a lot, and need some air sometimes. A lot of the time, they stick their head out, and decide that they like all the attention so they linger longer than needed. This usually causes embarassment.
When Tara Reid was on the red carpet, she experienced a nipple slip. Luckily a friend nearby helped her out, for she was unaware that her nipple was getting more attention than her the entire time.
by Jack Daniels January 6, 2005
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an act in which a females nipple want to come out for some air and say hello to the whole world.
Britney spears is the KIng or Queen of nippleslips
by Ian Gammon February 19, 2004
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A form of wardrobe malfunction, where a persons shirt/top moves in a way that causes one's nipple to be exposed
"Did you see that girls nipple?"
"Ya that's called a nipple slip man"
by Jakeyrol April 9, 2019
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When a woman claims to have accidentally exposed one or both of her breasts but subconsciously she really wanted everyone to see her tits.
I can't wait until Miley Cyrus has a Freudian nipple slip.
by CockFrobbler October 14, 2011
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