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There seems to be a sort of strange phenomenon in American high schools- I'm not sure if it occurs elsewhere. When girls are in 9th grade, they all of a sudden seem to become sluts. Girls who come from normal, middle class families, and who you would never expect to be having sex at age 14, become whores at this age. It's probably got something to do with raging hormones, since the girls usually aren't so slutty during their sophomore year. The extreme sluttiness of 9th graders has caused many seniors to desire these freshmen girls, as 9th grade sluts seem to always want to sleep with a 12th grader. 9th grade sluts also seem to be party animals, and they can be seen frequently at drunk parties held by members of upper classes.
Back in middle school, Laura was a popular, preppy girl who had kissed a boy or two, but always said she would wait for sex. However, when she entered high school, Laura became a ninth grade slut. During that year, she flirted with everyone, gave blowjobs to 4 seniors, and slept with a guy at a party who she'd only know for 30 minutes. When Laura went to 10th grade, she matured and somewhat regreted her younger slutty days. By the time she graduated, she was attempting to forget that portion of her life.
by Scotty Doesn't Know June 21, 2006
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