uncommon name. witty, intelligent, beautiful, driven to succeed and does so! a guys perfect girl and a girls perfect friend. proud of her honesty, trustworthyness, and morally rich values. definitly a classy gal with amazing beauty. hard to find a woman like this!
she must be a ninette!
by ninlou July 23, 2011
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A very uncommon name; usually the name or nickname of a very beautiful girl. She is very kind and honest to those around her. From a distance she might seem shy, but once you get to know her she can bring out the best in a person.
I'm lucky to know someone like Ninett.
by anon muos December 29, 2011
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The most beautiful person ever, she shines the brightest in a room full of stars, she has a smile more infectious than covid. One can only wish to be loved by her.
Breaking news: Webster's dictionary officially replaced perfection for ninette
by Ju-ice February 19, 2022
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