A pokemon that is a pale yellowish color. It is a fox with red eyes and nine huge fox tails, each tipped in orange. Ninetales has small paws, a pointed snout and a small black nose. Ears are erect and pointed. Ninetales also sports hair on the top of it's head and there is some longer fur covering the chest. Ninetales is a very mysterious beast- based on a mythical japanese creature called a kitsune, it posseses the element of fire. Ninetales can also-with a flash of it's red eyes- take control over one's mind. Ninetales is very vengeful, it loves to take revenge on other people. If you pull one of ninetale's tails, you will be cursed for the rest of your life. Ninetales is very smart-one of the smartest pokemon- and it understands human language.
by Furrysrule May 6, 2005
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Incessantly grand.

Origin: The Pokémon ninetales, evolved form of Vulpix.
Agent: This can be yours for the low price of $521,000!
Buyer: It's so ninetales... there must be a catch.

Charlotte's wedding dress was incredibly ninetales.
by Kalasi May 29, 2011
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a beautiful and graceful pokemon who deserves to be in smash bros. ninetales can shoot fire or ice at its enemies to protect itself or offspring. this is a caring pokemon who cares alot about its offspring or trainer enough that if something hurt their trainer it would easily go and attack the attacker and usually win. there is two types of ninetales, alolan and normal. the normal ninetales is a fire type while the alolan ninetales is an ice and fairy type.
by colininthehouse October 5, 2018
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