Where sneaker and non-sneaker heads alike beast over sexy pictures of girls posted by different dudes. {post hot girls you know, post your pic, big breast appreciation, big booty appreciation).

Also, where some of the funniest posts in internet history live.
"yo did you see that chick on niketalk? she baaad.. BEAST MODE"
"nah dude quit trippin."

(insert Tiger Woods pic)
by Powfo September 20, 2007
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An exclusive forum for sneakerheads, superior to ISS (sole collector forums).

The first rule of Niketalk is, you do not talk about Niketalk

The second rule of Niketalk is, you DO NOT talk about Niketalk.
A conversation almost about Niketalk:

sneakerhead #1 "I read about those shoes on Niketa-"

sneakerhead #2 "shhhhhh!"

sneakerhead #1 "Oh my bad, I read about those shoes on ISS"

sneakerhead #1 "Wtf dude, just go back to ISS"
by mccj23 September 04, 2010
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Where a bunch of 20+ year old fags go to talk about sneakers. If you are in high school, it is fine. If you are in college or above - you are a total cuntbag for posting on a shoe forum.
My friends and I left the Blue Oyster Cult bar to go home and post on NikeTalk.
by NikeTalking July 27, 2008
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